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Our customer service satisfaction rating has risen to 99.1 %

Our customer service satisfaction rating has risen to 99.1 % — the highest rating since implementing a new tracking system in April of this year. A rating, I'll add, which has never dropped below 94%. Successful companies across the globe realize the value of quality customer service.  We made a conscious choice to deliver the best customer experience we can, and we remake that choice every single day. And when a customer is frustrated by an issue, we see an opportunity to truly shine. We make sure that he or she feels like both a valued customer, and a valued individual. It's not actually that hard — because we're not pretending. We genuinely do appreciate our customers. Creating that experience means responding quickly to tickets: support requests are assigned to an agent for response within one business hour. Once we start working on a customer issue, we do whatever it takes to solve it. We also take the time to understand not just the customers' stated problem(s), but also any bigger picture needs. We curate a personal solution for those needs of the individual — because one size never fits all. As hard as we try, we know we can't make every customer happy all the time. We can't promise to be perfect but we can promise to be open and transparent which is why we periodically report our latest customer service satisfaction numbers.

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