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Wedding Venue

THE BRIEF A wedding venue based in the south with a high level of competition. They wanted to increase the amount of enquiries they were receiving and ultimately fill their bookings. Specifically, they wanted to target people searching for weddings in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire as people who live in these surrounding areas are more likely to make bookings. WHAT WE DID We proposed an AdWords campaign targeting people in the specified counties. We carried out keyword research to determine which were the most searched for keywords. From this we were then able to split these keywords into Ad Groups to tailor ads more specifically to the keywords, to improve the Click Through Rate (CTR). For example, our Surrey Weddings Ad Group targeted keywords such as ‘surrey weddings’, ‘weddings in surrey’, ‘surrey wedding venue’. We then wrote ads for this group which included these keywords. In total we had 5 Ad Groups targeting around 10 keywords.

THE RESULTS In the early stages of the The AdExperts campaign it generated a 70% increase in traffic to the site which exceeded our expectations as well as the clients. The client reported a rise in enquiries and bookings and remains very happy with how the campaign is going. Not only is this campaign delivering more traffic it is also improving brand awareness with the campaign delivering almost a thousand impressions a day. This is an ongoing campaign which we are continuing to optimise and progress further.

If looking for more enquiries please give our team a call today 0161 307 3764

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