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Google Partners 2017 Scheme

Running a Google Ad campaign is far more complex than simply placing a bid and hoping for the best. Successful campaigns involve extensive keyword research, creating well-written ads with the appropriate ad extensions, and optimising landing pages for those ads.

They also require audience targeting, media planning, constant monitoring of keyword Quality Scores, conversion tracking, and bid adjustments. Sound complicated? It is, which is why our advanced expertise and knowledge can now help our clients improve their return on investment. Among other things, online advertising gives businesses the opportunity to : 1 - Raise brand awareness 2 - Generate more web traffic and sales leads 3 - Increase presence on Page 1 of search results 4 - Test new keywords and audiences 5 - Focus messages to target audiences

Rather than isolate our Google advertising activities, we prefer to see them as part of a larger Search Strategy. By running online ads alongside SEO, remarketing, and content marketing, we can ensure our clients increase their visibility online as effectively as possible. 

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